Gallery of Artwork

Some images of artwork created by Coffee House club members, one of the University of Michigan Geriatrics Centers Mild Memory Loss Programs, with guidance from University of Michigan students as part of Memory, Aging & Expressive Arts 2015.

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A few images of art created by University of Michigan Students and Members of the U-M Geriatric Centers Mild Memory Loss, Silver Club Programs as part of Memory, Aging, and Expressive Arts, and interdisciplinary course offered to students at U of M.sm_MAEA_artsm_MAEA_art5sm_MAEA_art4smMAEA_wisdom_keeper_art copy

A few more images of artwork created by the UM Geriatric Centers Silver Club Mild Memory Loss Program Club Members with the guidance of UM Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design Students.  Amazing works by amazing people!


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