Memory, Aging & Expressive Arts 2017

The following post is by Robert, a current student in our MAEA class:


The two photos are photos taken by myself and my MAEA partner respectively on one of our photoshoots relating to our theme of machinery and parts in a whole.

In anything repetition can lead to lack of enthusiasm, and as a photographer my initial enthusiasm had been suppressed by taking tens of thousands of photos. In working with my MAEA partner that enthusiasm has seeped back into my work. In sharing my experience and knowledge and in seeing it applied to creative work in the next instant uncovers the initial inspiration I felt when I first picked up a camera. The typical issues found in collaboration are not present here. It is impossible to be unenthusiastic or noncommittal when your community partner not only is never of such an attitude but reminds you of the enthusiasm you once felt for photography before years of taking pictures made you forget it. The joy of creation never leaves your work but the joy in creation can. To work with someone who is not of the same mindset as your typical collaborators, who tend to be your peers, is motivating and inspirational. It is valuable to see a creative process influenced by years beyond what I have lived, yet still new as it is built in part by my teaching. In this sense, it is a collaboration in more than just art but also in learning. The dual images capture how we look at the world differently and when working together can play off of each other’s experience to create mutually beneficial work that conveys more than each could individually.


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