There is No Right or Wrong

[The current posts are written by students in Memory, Aging & Expressive Arts.  Partnering with U-M Geriatric Centers, Mild Memory Loss, Silver Club Programs, students have been paired with community members to create together.]

My community partner was such a great artist—initially, I thought I would be the one instructing and leading the activity and conversation. Nonetheless, she was fully capable to create artworks and critique them. “There is no right or wrong! Just go with your instinct.” She would always remind me whenever I struggle to pick next color or shape. I could clearly picture her previous career as an art teacher, just by the way she speaks about the form, color, line, or ‘art.’ Although her memory is impaired, her nature as an artist is still there, deep down in her heart.

We developed a nice rhythm with one another. Both of us loved artistic activities, therefore, we were able to explore different areas of art such as watercolor and collage. Every week, we became closer and developed a stronger relationship through the artistic activities. Our relationship, I would say, is like a watercolor—we connected well just as the watercolor blends in and creates beautiful scenery.

Working with my community partner as well as the Silver Club members in general was a wonderful experience and I will never forget the time I spent with them. They might forget the students name and appearance one day, however, I believe the laughter, smile, and love that we shared together will remain in our hearts.

~ Jeehee, Senior, UM Art & Design Student

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