What do you think about old people?

“What do you think about old people?” This was a question that my community partner asked during one of our Wisdom Keeper art sessions. I answered her, “They are like a storybook because I love to hear their stories, and I actually have learned life lessons from their stories.”

To me, listening to their stories are the most memorable part of each session.  Among many interesting stories that I’ve heard, my favorite one was a lesson from my community partner. She said, “Life is tough and busy, yet there are so many small things that you can enjoy. So, you don’t have to rush to do something. Look around and enjoy those small things, like a cup of tea or a glass of wine.” Maybe it’s because my recent days have been rough, maybe it’s because of her stories that she told me before she told me this or maybe both, this truly touched my heart. When I heard it, I felt relieved and comforted. After that day, I saw myself as a person who values and appreciates what is around me much more.

Before I started this class, I thought that this class would be an opportunity that I could help other people with my ability. However, during and after each session, I realized that I was the one who was learning from the community members. What I learned and gained from the Wisdom Keeper members is bigger than what I gave them. Overall I thought my experience at Wisdom Keepers was a great opportunity that helped me to relax from daily busy life and to find the meaning of true happiness in my life.  

~Ji-woo, Senior, Art & Design Student

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