Lessons Learned

The theme of the semester was Lessons Learned.  Every time I teach this course, I too learn a bit more.  I must admit it is a challenge to teach a community engagement course.   I am often worried if I am meeting the students’ expectations as well as my community partners.  I wake up wondering if the bus will be on time and if I have the right materials and supplies.  More importantly, I wonder about the students.  I hope they are connecting with their community partner, hope they are understanding why I selected the readings I did, hope they are enjoying the experience and learning from it.  Likewise, I hope the UM Silver Club & Elderberry members are enjoying the experience.  Every semester I go through the same set of worries.  Now that the semester is over, I realize I should start giving up some of the worries. Observing my students interacting with the community members, I noticed how thoughtful, respectful, and patient they are.  They reminded me of what this class is truly about.

~Anne Mondro, Associate Professor UM Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design

A few of more artworks created by Silver Club members during the course of the semester:


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