Tuesdays at Silver Club

Working with Silver Club members as part of this semester’s outreach
course was so much more of an enjoyable experience than I could have ever
have hoped for. Members were always very enthusiastic and passionate about
everything they did. There was so much character in the room when I would look
around and even if someone was not entirely thrilled about what was going on
or if people were being quiet there was still so much personality and depth being
expressed. Every member was such an individual and had their own way of going
about things that was so honest and infectiously charming I couldn’t help it but to
laugh or crack a smile. Small repeated habits from week to week, warm greetings,
hearty laughter, and catching up on the weeks happenings amongst countless other
things all added up to make a unique and very genuine experience that I imagine
many will never get to experience. I greatly enjoyed the Tuesdays I spent at the
Silver Club and I hope that the members enjoyed that shared time as well.

~Kyle, UM Art & Design Student 


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