Finding Humor

Today, my Elderberry Club partner and I worked on the ‘Additive and Subtractive’ painting project. For the additive piece, she wanted to draw her cat. However, what first started out as a cat turned into this really abstract painting composed of dots and spirals. She was joking about how she stopped drawing her cat when she got to its belly and butt. I actually really liked the change of aesthetic. I think that made the piece much more intriguing and artistic.

There was a funny miscommunication during our critique because of this change of subject matter. The staff leader asked us what her pieces were about, as they were very gestural and abstract. My partner immediately replied “Well, it’s a painting of my cat’s butt!” Everyone laughed because it was such an unexpected response and because the pieces hanging up looked nothing like what she claimed it was! The laughter was nice moment in our critique and a reminder for us all not to take our art so seriously.

~Grace, Art & Design student


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